Handmade Crochet Edge Baby Fleece Blanket, Arrows and Hearts

Scarlett Monkey Crafts

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This blanket is the PERFECT gift for baby! I can think of a dozen reasons why every parent should have at least one, if not many, of these amazing blankets.

Measures: 26 x 28 inches

First, they are the perfect size for baby. Snuggle them up in warmth and style.

Keep one in your purse (they fit amazingly!) to cover up baby in the car seat. Remember, you should not use a thick jacket in the car seat so these make the perfect way to keep them warm.

Also perfect for the stroller, a cover for a restaurant high chair, play dates, airplanes, and so many more places!

Because this blanket folds us nicely, doesn't wrinkle and is soft and warm, it makes the perfect gift.