Buy 2 Hairbows for $5.99 - Discount Taken Automatically at Checkout


Are different colors of shirts available? 

Yes! I keep the shirts provided in the listing in stock (usually white and black). Other colors are available however, will depend on my suppliers availability and may take a few extra days to receive. 

How long will it take for my order to ship? 

I really try to get orders completed within 3 days however, there will be exceptions based on the order quantity and type of product. I make every order myself (with only a few exceptions) so if there is a need for something by a certain date, please check with me via Facebook messenger or let me know in the notes section at checkout. 

I have a design already, can you use it? 

Usually yes, I can. I will need to review the design to ensure it meets my design and quality requirements before accepting your order. Contact me via Facebook Messenger or via email at to send me the design for review. 

Do you offer bulk discounts? 

Yes! Bulk discounts are available. Please contact me so I can provide you a quote. 

I want to add names to my shirts for a wedding party. Can you do that? 

Absolutely! We may want to chat to make sure the design is what you want and the names are correct. Also, we'll want to ensure the color and font are agreeable as well. Make sure to let me know and I will get with you for the design approval. 


Have a question that is not answered here? Contact me via Facebook Messenger or via email at and I will answer as quickly as I can. My name is Jamie and I am so happy to help!